First, Try it On

We all know online shopping is convenient, and an easy way to narrow your search for a specific item. The downside? Not being able to try something on before you buy it. Luckily, that's beginning to change for Fynd Fashion!

Using the Try it On feature, you can upload a forward facing photo of yourself, and see what an outfit would look like on YOU. This feature is currently available for select items, but will become available on more products every week. 

Here's an example.

First, choose an item you want to try on:

model wearing Black Lace V Neck Tee

Then, by selecting the option that looks like this:

Try it on text

you will be given the option to upload your photo, or use an existing model's photo. 

Once you've uploaded and selected your forward facing photo, the final result will look something like this:

woman in Black Lace V Neck Tee

Pretty cool, right? Now head to our store and give it a try!